On 10th November 2011 a special event takes place at the opportunity of the symbolical farewell of trolleybuses Skoda 14 Tr in Opava. We prepared a great program for you. You can not only use the legendary “fourteens”, but also other historical and untypical trolleybuses, buses and trains and experience historical sights of the city and near surroundings by using the historical vehicles or the new generation of Opava’s trolleybuses with batteries.

The tickets from trolleybuses/buses/trains will be valid as the entrance ticket for the accompanying program. You can buy this ticket from the drivers or conductors in the historical vehicles and in the trolleybuses 14 Tr. The price is 50 Czech crowns and 30 Czech crowns for children under 15 years.

The plan of the special lines and the lines with the trolleybuses 14 Tr

The schedule of the special lines

On 10th November 2018 the gates of the depot will be open for the public from 8 am to 3:40 pm. You can see modern and historical vehicles as well as the only historical tram built in 1905. You can try to ride on the vehicle through the car wash or look at several model railways. Especially younger visitors can try some of the activities which are or were usually made in the depot, for example placing of the trolley poles, painting, stamping tickets by pliers etc.


Connection: Special trolleybus line T1 (Vozovna – Albert, every 20 minutes), special trolleybus line T2 with the trolleybus 14 Tr (Vozovna – Kateřinky, every 60 minutes), special bus line A2 (Vozovna – Raduň, škola, every 20 minutes), partially served with the new trolleybuses with batteries, special line 201 with the trolleybus 14 Tr (every 30 minutes).

Trolleybuses and railway belong together. The railway stations constitute one of the most important sources of passengers. All trolleybuses 14 Tr were delivered to Opava using the railways. At the station Opava-východ (Opava East station), the two interesting wagons will be located. The Czechoslovak legendary diesel train M131 will be used on the special line V1 every hour (first departure 9:00, after this 9:50, 10:50 etc. until 14:50) which will connect the two most important Opava’s station (Opava-východ and Opava-západ). At the station Opava-východ you can take a look at the valuable car of the “Vienna tram” which is a predecessor of modern tram-trains. The wagon was built in 1913 in Prague for the Bratislava – Vienna line.


Connection: Special trolleybus line T1 (Vozovna – Albert, every 20 minutes), special trolleybus line T2 with the trolleybus 14 Tr (Vozovna – Kateřinky, every 60 minutes), special line “14 Tr 201” with the trolleybus 14 Tr (every 30 minutes).

The new generation of the trolleybus is coming to Opava. These trolleybuses enable the ride on the batteries on some parts of the lines without the trolley wire. You can try the ride with this trolleybus from Opava to the municipality of Radun. In Radun, the pitoresque castle will be extraordinarily opened (tours in Czech).


Connection: Special bus line A2 (Vozovna – Raduň, škola, every 20 minutes), historical buses and trolleybuses equipped with batteries will be deployed.

You can use your tickets for the accompanying program which is by some ways connected to the history of trolleybuses in the city. You can see some very interesting churches, a Czechoslovak fort built against Hitler (a part of the Czechoslovak “Maginot Line”), or the building of the theater or the city hall tower (with the possibility of taking pictures of the trolleybuses running under the tower). You can also play the whole day a competition named “Opava’s steps” (Opavské schody) which is a remark on that the whole public transport in Opava will be low floor after 2018.

The trolleybuses 14 Tr a 21 Tr on the lines

Apart from the trolleybuses Skoda 14 Tr, the only Opava’s trolleybus Skoda 21 Tr finishes its service this year as well. That’s why also this trolleybus will be on the special line T1 (Vozovna – Albert). The trolleybuses Skoda 14 Tr will be on the lines T1 (Vozovna – Albert), T2 (Vozovna – Kateřinky) and on the special lines „14 Tr 201“ (Vozovna – Městský hřbitov), „14 Tr 208“ (Kateřinky – Albert – Englišova) and „14 Tr 209“ (Globus – Albert). Always on the 15th and 45th minute (from 8:15 to 15:15), six of the trolleybuses Skoda 14 Tr will meet together on the main square in Opava (at the stop “Divadlo”).

Special connection from Ostrava, to Krnov and back to Ostrava

From Ostrava to Opava it will be possible to use the historical train and “tram”. The public transport fans can go on the 9th November for the evening excursion in the trolleybus depot (after the excursion, a night ride on the most Opava’s network follows). The special historical train (the diesel car M131 and the “Vienna tram”) from Ostrava will depart at 20.46 from Ostrava-Svinov station bound for Opava-východ.

On the Saturday 10th November 2018 it will be possible to use the same train at 8.15 from Ostrava-Svinov to Opava.

In the afternoon after the end of the event the you can use the train for the ride from Opava to Krnov (departure from Opava-východ at 16.40, arrival to Krnov at 17.35). Afterwards the train (only diesel car M131) will go back to Opava and at 7:03 PM to Ostrava.

The price for the ticket is 100 Czech crowns and 60 Czech crowns for the children under 15 years. The tickets are valid also for the trolleybuses and buses on the special lines in Opava.