We are preparing a special bonus program for the fans of public transport.

Under these links you can find the special maps which can help you with taking pictures in the streets of the city:

Map with sun during the day
Map with sun on selected places

NIGHT RIDE - You should definitely come to Opava a day before! On Friday 9. 11. Is planning the night ride for free with the vehicles Škoda 14 Tr, 15 Tr and 21 Tr. At 8 PM the depot will be opened for the public transport fans. After 9.20 PM the trolleybuses will depart from the depot to the city. The special stops for taking pictures are planning during the rides. You can also change the trolleybuses on some places. The articulated trolleybus 15 Tr will have the connection to the historical train with the carriage of “Vienna Tram” from Ostrava. We beg all participants to have their own safety vests.

The indicative timetable you can find under this link.